Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Emeralds - May Stone of the Month

Here at Gems n' Loans we take our gems seriously and emeralds are no exception!
For the entire month of May we are offering 40% off all emerald jewelry at our four locations.
Since this first week of May is full of preparations for Mother's Day, we are continuing the 40% off all colored stones offer as well as the 20% layaway plan.  Now is certainly the BEST time to visit us and discover something beautiful!

The emerald is a part of the beryl family of minerals and has a distinct color even before polishing.  this green has been believed to allow the wearer to foresee the future, reveal the truth or be protected from evil spells.  From Cleopatra to King Solomon, many rulers prized this gem and considered it their favorite.

Emeralds will be a great gift for Mother's Day, anyone with a May birthday or a certain wedding anniversary.  But don't stop there.  Take advantage of the Mother's Day Layaway offer and shop for multiple occasions now!  There are only a few days left!