Monday, February 27, 2017

Star Studded Quality at Jewelers in Oceanside

Gems N' Loans is an Oceanside Jeweler Offering Star Studded Quality
Carats refer to the weight of the diamond, not the size. Due to the cut of the diamond, a stone can actually appear to be much bigger than a stone that is actually denser and thus has a larger carat. Additionally, since large stones are much more rare, a single 2-carat diamond will cost much more than two 1-carat diamonds.

While most people view an engagement ring as tangible and expensive proof of one’s love, many people opt for sensible “starter” rings with an eye for trading up as circumstances evolve in the relationship. Jewelers in Oceanside like
Gems N' Loans, offer a variety of affordable alternatives that are competitive, and deserve an Oscar nominee. 
Not only do we allow you to purchase other things like jewelry, gold, and bullion, it has become quite customary for grand gestures on anniversaries to come in the form of new engagement rings. 

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